Two Years!

Two years ago, having been struck by a  lightning bolt of inspiration when I ran across Annie McCreary's of My Swallow's Nest craftswomanship in Country Living Magazine, I set out to change my path and Covered Upholstery and Slipcovers was established.  At that time, I was a full-time, independent speech-language pathologist, with a longing for a workroom of my own, to create custom slipcovers.  So, I set aside one day per week to set my compass toward developing a workroom of my own.  About a month later, I met my upholstery mentor, Rich Turkington, master upholsterer of 40 years and one of the coolest people I know.  Rich took me under his upholstery wing and taught (still teaches!) me the craft of both traditional and mixed modern upholstery.  Soon after, I met my slipcover mentor, industry business maven, and dear friend, Jeanelle Dech of The Workroom Channel.  Jeanelle rocket-launched me on a fast track to a successful venture with tools, instruction, and encouragement I hope to pass along to the next.   Though Covered is a sole-proprietorship, cottage industry, there are so many other entrepreneurs and experts who have helped me in ways I am so grateful for.  While some I have yet to meet, others I have the pleasure of speaking with or working with locally.  While the determination and grit are my own, so many have inspired me with trade methods, process, shared mistakes, encouragement and sounding boards.  The Upholsterer's Friendly Forum, and Kim's Upholstery have offered feedback and support through online venues that I use regularly.  Thank you, for all of your guidance, it means more than you know!  The best is yet to come!