Honorable Past

Visited the beloved Quaker Jobbing Company in Kensington district of industrial Philadelphia this week.  Steeped in the rich, textured history of the Philadelphia textile industry, Quaker Jobbing Company comprehensively sources tools and materials to the upholstery trade.   As my mentor and dear friend Rich Turkington says (himself a master upholsterer of 40 years), "If Quaker Jobbing Company doesn't sell it, I don't need it."   

Commanding attention from North Hancock Street, the building was erected in 1889 on the heels of the Industrial Revolution.  The building originally housed a waste and shoddy company, specializing in the reuse of woolen waste in the form of rags and tailors clippings by shredding and creating yarn.  This recycled yarn was mixed with new wool to create shoddy, a recycled textile of the day.  A full history of the architecture and use of the building can be found here.   

Today, the building is home to Quaker Jobbing Company.  Leona Tucci, owner of Quaker Jobbing Company is undoubtably, a bona fide upholstery maven.  Leona matter-of-factly guides a novice or expert in the quest for material or method, no matter the task.  It is a great pleasure, honor, and opportunity to step back in textile time to do business with Leona and The Quaker Jobbing Company.  With gratitude and thanks for your support and guidance, look forward to coming back again and again.