Thelma Chair

Furniture means many things to many people.  The chair we fondly call 'Thelma' has special meaning, as it seemed to see the future.  When I first laid eyes on it over five years ago, I knew I would one day make a slipcover for it.  As the years lived on, the chair remained in our basement, begging for new digs.  As I set my course to become an upholsterer and slipcover maker, Thelma's textile makeover came at last.  Instead of a slipcover, the chair was reupholstered in a Stout textile, finished with button detail and tailored skirt.  The comfort of this Henredon model is unmatched, thanks to its sprung edge and Marshall unit cushion surrounded by a down and feather envelope.  Introducing, in a darling Stout textile, the Thelma Chair, in honor of the late Thelma R., original owner.